“Broken and Mended” is a Christian chronic pain support ministry and became a registered nonprofit organization in February of 2021.  You can read about my (David Heflin) story and the origin of Broken and Mended here.

I intend this to be a place where those who are hurting, literally every day of their lives, can come and be encouraged that there are those out there who understand what you are going through. Everyone’s suffering is unique, but it helps to know that there are those who can relate to you in your daily struggle with pain and/or illness.

As a Christian ministry, we view the world through the lens of being a disciple of Jesus.  All are welcome here and especially those who struggle with pain or support those who do. Broken and Mended is a Christian ministry but will serve as a connecting point for all those who struggle with chronic pain, regardless of religious background. However, it would be misleading to suggest our viewpoint is neutral. Broken and Mended is very intentionally a Christian ministry.

You can request to join the Facebook group for Broken and Mended here:  Broken and Mended Facebook.  It is a closed group, but I will gladly add you. The ministry also has a Facebook page here.  Please consider following me on Twitter @Broken_Mended18.  You can contact me directly at info@brokenandmended.com.  We have support group meetings twice a month (most months), and you can join via Zoom. Join the Facebook group for more information.

The blog is now kept on a separate page called “Conversations with David.” We hope you will also check out our podcast “In The Seams.” As you will see from the tabs at the top, there are options to donate, getting to know our staff (board), and links to other resources that we have found helpful in this journey. For those interested in starting your own support group, see the “group leader application” page. Leader’s Guides and Participant’s Guides are available.

Thanks for visiting! We hope to see you again!


Contact Us by emailing us at info@brokenandmended.com

Address: 1315 Hanks Trail, Woodward, OK, 73801

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