Do You Want to Get Well?

What does Jesus mean when he asks the crippled man, “Do you want to get well?” and what does it mean to those of us in chronic pain? NOTE: Video references John 15, but I meant to say John 5:1-15.

About David Heflin

I blog about topics related to the Christian faith and the struggle of chronic pain. I have ankylosing spondylitis and have dealt with chronic pain since 2011. I hope to provide support and community for those going along that same journey with me.
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5 Responses to Do You Want to Get Well?

  1. Chris Blair says:

    Thank you, David, for that message from John 5. Sometimes I’m afraid of what will happen if I AM made completely well. It kindof takes away my excuses for mediocrity. I’m glad Jesus asked this man (and me) that question. Keep up the good work, yo!

  2. David Heflin says:

    Hey brother…good to meet up here. Looking forward to a conversation soon. I miss it! Iron sharpening iron!

  3. David Heflin says:

    I noticed I put in the Tweet promoting this blog John 15 (not sure what I said in the video). The correct scriptural reference is John 5.1-15.

  4. Richard Shields says:

    Thank you David for your thoughtful consideration of Jesus’ encounter with the lame man. What you shared also says a lot to those of us who may not suffer with chronic pain, but deal with the same personal issues you pointed out. Blessings to you and your ministry.

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