My name is David Heflin and I am the preacher at the Woodward Church of Christ in Woodward, OK.  “Broken and Mended” is a Christian chronic pain support ministry and became a registered nonprofit organization in February of 2021.  You can read about my own story in that regard and what led me to make the change of focus for this blog here.

I intend this to be a place where those who are hurting, literally every day of their lives, can come and be encouraged that there are those out there who understand what you are going through. Everyone’s suffering is unique to them, but it matters to know that there are those who can relate to you in a daily struggle with pain.

As a Christian minister, I try to view the world through the lens of being a disciple of Jesus.  All are welcome here and especially those who struggle with pain or support those who do. Broken and Mended is a Christian ministry but will serve as a connecting point for all those who struggle with chronic pain, regardless of religious background. Don’t expect my point of view to be neutral, however.  I don’t expect yours to be either.

Also, I am married with three kids (2 boys and a girl).  My first commitment in being a disciple of Jesus is to be a godly husband and father in hopes that my children will know our Savior no matter what may come in this world.

You can request to join the Facebook group page for Broken and Mended here.  Broken and Mended Facebook.  It is a closed group, but I will gladly add you. The ministry also has a page here.  Please consider following me on Twitter @Broken_Mended18.  You can contact me directly at brokenandmended18@gmail.com.  We have support group meetings twice a month and you can join via Zoom.  Join the Facebook group for more information.

Thanks for reading!


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  2. Scott Reeves says:

    I look forward to reading, and perhaps entering in at times. Mostly, I intend to follow along to learn from all of the bloggers that join your conversation.

  3. Elouise says:

    Hi, David. I just found your blog while browsing Forgiveness! I’m happy to know you’re out there. I love theology and have been immersed in theological education most of my life.

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  5. David, this is going to be healing, helping, and a source of hope for everyone who reads it. You are a deep and insightful thinker. Christ led you to draw on what you may have seen as a weakness and instead make it a strength and a useful tool in His kingdom. Praise His amazing wisdom and love! I look forward to traveling this road encouraged by Him through your words.

    • David Heflin says:

      Thanks, Lora. I can’t even think about this ministry without you and Joe close to my hearts. I glad we journey together and learn to bear one another’s burdens. Blessings!

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