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I blog about topics related to the Christian faith and the struggle of chronic pain. I have ankylosing spondylitis and have dealt with chronic pain since 2011. I hope to provide support and community for those going along that same journey with me.

The Sacredness of Life

“Either you believe that God has created everyone in his image or not. You don’t get to choose by race, health, or immigrant status. You can’t wave a flag for the unborn and dehumanize the immigrant, the disabled, or people of color.” Continue reading

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My Review of Walking By Faith

Chronic Illness: Walking by Faith by Esther Smith My rating: 5 of 5 stars I was invited to read an advanced copy of this book, and this work is so needed in the chronically ill community. It is written for … Continue reading

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The Resurrection Doesn’t Expire On Easter

Death itself will be completely overturned, and we will never be robbed by death again! Continue reading

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My Personal Thoughts During the Pandemic

I never felt more like I was in a movie scene than when I picked up my kids’ assignments in school drive-thru’s from teachers wearing masks. Continue reading

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Coronavirus and the Immunocompromised

Furthermore, when people act like it is no big deal that the elderly and immunocompromised may die, as long as the healthy live, they commit both ageism and ableism. Continue reading

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When Jesus Gives You Something Different Than What You Asked

When Jesus gives you something other than what you have asked, can you trust him enough to know his answer is what you needed more than what you had requested? Continue reading

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Judgment and Chronic Pain

Not judging means we don’t pretend to know what we cannot know. It means we refuse to belittle a fellow human being just because their story or situation makes us uncomfortable. It means we see someone’s suffering and know that we too suffer, even if in different ways. It means we give full attention to voices of others and that we believe them as we would want to believed. Continue reading

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Crying Out to God

Those in chronic pain may have to wait for deliverance, but we cry out to him because we know that eventually God will rescue us! Continue reading

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Chronic Pain and Mission

But it is important that even in our worst of times, that we do not lose hope of having better and more meaningful days. Continue reading

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Why God Doesn’t Need Us And Why That’s a Good Thing

Does God need you to suffer? What it means to realize that God doesn’t need anything…not even you. Continue reading

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