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I blog about topics related to the Christian faith and the struggle of chronic pain. I have ankylosing spondylitis and have dealt with chronic pain since 2011. I hope to provide support and community for those going along that same journey with me.

Chronic Pain Hot Links — 3/8/19

I haven’t done a hot links post in a while. So some of these links might not be so hot anymore! Hot links gives the impression that you are clicking on something timely. “Get ’em while they’re hot!” Maybe I … Continue reading

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Children and Chronic Illness

I certainly don’t have all the answers as to why children suffer, or more personally, why your child suffers, but I do know that God cares and loves your child even more than you do. Continue reading

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Do You Want to Get Well?

A short video examining the Jesus’ question in John 15 to the invalid, “Do you want to get well?” What does Jesus mean and what does it have to do with those of us in chronic pain? Continue reading

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Truth in the Opioid Crisis

It wasn’t screaming “look at me” but I was pretty sure I saw it. I went back and read the words again. Yep, there it was. It was a classic case of a “strawman argument.” A contested idea was stated … Continue reading

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Leaving the Judgment Seat for the Ash Heap

We are better friends from the ash heap instead of the judgment seat. Continue reading

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Loving Those in Chronic Pain

We don’t need to be fixed, but we do need your love and support. We need you to believe us and listen to us. Continue reading

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“Being” Over “Doing”

Why chronic pain cannot rob us of our identity or value. We are who we are even when we can’t do what we or others want. Continue reading

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