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I blog about topics related to the Christian faith and the struggle of chronic pain. I have ankylosing spondylitis and have dealt with chronic pain since 2011. I hope to provide support and community for those going along that same journey with me.

You Are Not Just Your Body — Part 1

And when you have fallen into the trap as viewing yourself as only a body gone wrong, then that is going to damage your self-perception. Continue reading

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Broken and Mended and the Future

Broken and Mended is not just a support group in Woodward, OK, but a movement to “connect hurting people to Jesus and each other. Continue reading

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Better Than Happy

Do you struggle with happiness? Maybe there’s something better to live for than personal happiness, something that will lead to deeper satisfaction than happiness ever could. Continue reading

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Why Me? Why Not Me?

“Who is God?” is a better question than “Why me?” Some reflections on Job and #ChronicPain. Continue reading

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Does a Support Group Stigmatize You?

The idea that joining a group for support stigmatizes you is perpetuated by a society that continues to elevate self-sufficiency as one of its favorite idols. Continue reading

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Chronic Pain Hot Links — 3/8/19

I haven’t done a hot links post in a while. So some of these links might not be so hot anymore! Hot links gives the impression that you are clicking on something timely. “Get ’em while they’re hot!” Maybe I … Continue reading

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Children and Chronic Illness

I certainly don’t have all the answers as to why children suffer, or more personally, why your child suffers, but I do know that God cares and loves your child even more than you do. Continue reading

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