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What To Do With All That Advice

“I know how it feels to have your illness reduced to someone’s campaign against diet drinks.” Continue reading

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Truth in the Opioid Crisis

It wasn’t screaming “look at me” but I was pretty sure I saw it. I went back and read the words again. Yep, there it was. It was a classic case of a “strawman argument.” A contested idea was stated … Continue reading

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Can There Be Purpose In Pain?

If you had never experienced longterm illness before you can’t relate to the concept of getting sick but not getting better or being injured but never healing.  As the weeks, months, and years roll by and you are still in … Continue reading

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Chronic Pain and a New Purpose

I’ve decided to re-purpose this blog–a new name will eventually come with the new purpose.  My last post has been over three years ago.  Originally, I wanted to write a blog advocating for consistent theology in a changing world.  I … Continue reading

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