Chronic Pain Resources

This page will be a collection of other resources that I come across that I think might be helpful to those who are struggling with chronic pain and illness. Check back frequently for updated information.

Helpful Blogs About Chronic Pain — Blog and resources maintained by Esther Smith, a fellow chronic pain sufferer, who approaches pain and illness from a counseling and Christian perspective. — Blog by Emily Maurits, who especially ministers to those who support and love someone in chronic pain. Emily has close relatives who are dealing with serious illnesses, and I appreciate her giving voice to the perspective of the “watchers” among us. — One of the pioneers in Christian ministry among the disabled and one of the more inspiring stories you will ever hear. — This blog deals especially with Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder, Migraines, and Depression. It is refreshingly honest and written from the perspective of faith. I don’t these particular ailments, but I’m still encouraged by the blog. — Here’s a great blog about a woman’s struggle with Fibro and her advocacy to help others fight.

Coronavirus Resources: (Discussion about biologics and Coronavirus risk).