In The Seams — Podcast

In The Seams is a podcast hosted by Broken and Mended. We will embed the latest episodes here as they become available. They are also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify. If you are unable to find them under the title “In the Seams” search for David Heflin.


Episode 6: In this episode, Esther Smith and I talked about her upcoming book A Still and Quiet Mind and the mental/emotional battles that happen in the midst of chronic illness/pain.

Episode 5: I had a great conversation with Tara Cole (see about chronic illness and fatigue and how it impacts parenting and career.

Episode 4: In this episode, I visit with Emily Maurits, founder of, about her ministry to those who are the loved ones and friends of those suffering with chronic illness. Also, see our blog interview with Emily here.

Episode 3: Conversation with Nora Ellis, a discussion on how God uses key people and key scriptures in our lives to help us navigate chronic illness:

Episode 2: Spiritual Warfare and Chronic Illness:

Episode 1: Introduction: Story and Mission: